About This Site

World of Warcraft welcomed the ability to transmogrify armour and weapons in Patch 4.3. This means you can change your outfit to look like any other piece of compatible armour sets in the game, so long as you can just get yourself the prettiest looking gear!

I’ve been frustrated with some of the other armour sites not providing an easy visual guide to the most attractive item sets in the game, so I decided to make my own site.

Recently I converted all of the existing content to a WordPress theme to make it easier to update for new armour releases. This should also have the benefit of making the site compatible with more browsers and mobile devices.

I am in the process (Feb 2016) of adding Mists of Pandaria / Warlords of Draenor content to the site – Death Knight and Druid Tier gear is now up to date to Hellfire Citadel. I intend to add an armour section however be patient, this content takes time to prepare.


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